What is a Host Agency?

Host Agencies and Why You Need AARC


the-host-that-offers-the-mostEntering the challenging yet exciting travel industry requires more than just a passion for travel.

It also entails patience and dedication for research and learning, and of course, getting affiliated with the right people. Having a host agency on your side is one of the smartest moves you will ever make, as far as enjoying success in the industry.

How Can a Host Agency Help?

There are many different ways a host agency can help a budding travel agent make it big in the industry - you may be surprised at the benefits and advantages that await you! These include:

  • Education...
    A host agency will first and foremost educate people who are looking for travel agency jobs and aiming to make a successful career in the industry. A good host agency provides all the necessary educational tools like manuals, comprehensive courses, and online training, among others, covering all the essentials you need to become a travel agent and open your own online travel agency.
  • Technological Edge...
    Another advantage of having a host agency is the technology that they offer. The host will provide a powerful website with booking engines that will allow for easier arrangements for airline and hotel bookings, car rentals, cruises, and travel packages.
  • Savings...
    Opting for a host agency versus a franchise will save you lots of money, especially in the process of applying for travel agent bonds and licenses across different states. This ensures security and protection in your career, and enables you to become a reliable agent that can provide for the needs of your clients.


Choosing the Right Host Agency

products-innovationsThere are many different host agencies online, so careful research and due diligence are in order. Thankfully, there are key areas and characteristics that you can consider as non-negotiable. Industry experience is something you should look for; it is advisable to select one that has been in the business for at least a decade.

Go for a host agency that has a solid reputation and proven track record. Look for one that is accredited by various groups and associations like the National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA), International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), and the Professional Association of Travel Hosts (PATH). Additionally, check if the host agency is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

If you are still undecided on which host agency to pick, get in touch with AARC Host Agency by emailing or calling us today! Find out more about the advantages of choosing us as your host travel agency.