Become a Travel Agent Kenya Specialist

Kenya Travel Agent Specialist Program

Get the in-depth knowledge you need to become an undisputed
Become a Travel Agent Kenya Specialist and sell your clients the trip of a life time.

Adventure Experiences

Learn about all the experiences available that are ideal for your adventurous clients. With excellent walking, trekking, and climbing inland, and incredible snorkeling, diving, and boating along the coast, Kenya is the ideal climate for tons of activity.


Find out why Kenya is the original home of the safari and how exploring their national parks and game reserves nearly guarantees that visitors will see the Big Five as well as huge herds of plains animals and thousands of vibrantly colored birds.

Beyond the Wilderness

Show your clients that Kenya is more than just a safari. Explore the country's coast, where activities such as surfing, scuba diving and skydiving abound. It’s also the place to discover unique historical sites, and sit down for a culinary feast.

Become KATS certified
We look forward to welcoming your clients to Magical Kenya.

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