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How to use social media marketing to become a successful home based travel agent
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Allows you to capitalize on millions of dollars in Preferred Partner marketing funds to drive more business to your agency.


Send Targeted Promotions to Your Clients — for FREE!

  • 50+ industry leading preferred partners, including Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Globus, Viking River Cruises, and many more
  • 90+ direct mail and 170+ email offers annually
  • More than 120 million partner-funded pieces a year
  • AARC negotiates exclusive travel offers with preferred partners
  • An advanced segmentation system identifies which of your clients are most apt to respond
  • We send professionally designed mailers and emails on your behalf
  • Marketing will be personalized with your agency as the sole call-to-action. 


Engaging, Creative, Social Media Posting For Your Facebook Pages...

With 93% of adult internet users currently on Facebook, travel agents should be embracing this media channel. At AARC, we try to make e-marketing easier for our travel agents and now we have added a social media service.

Developed exclusively for travel agents, our social media experts select relevant content that posts on your business Facebook page automatically at designated times each day.

These posts have proven to increase likes, shares, and comments. The content selection engages your Facebook fans and creates interaction. We'll help make Facebook posting part of your day, not part of your stress.


Here's How it Works...

All posts will be available for previewing
• Choose the frequency of posts
• Opt out is available for any post
• Posts will be made on the specified date and time


What We Post...

• Travel Quotes
• Travel Tips
• Trendy Topic Posts
• Supplier Branding Posts
• Destination Information
• Where in the world...? Questions

Professional & Powerful Email Programs...

Our dynamic email marketing program leverages the strengths of supplier partners to reach your consumers. This program delivers supplier emails embedded with links back to detailed content in your website.

Direct to Consumer Email options...

1. Consumer Targeted Single Supplier Email. Average open rates are 20%.

2. Broadcast Multi-Supplier Email/Top Picks. This email may contain up to ten promotions from individual suppliers on different, non-competing products.

3. Multi-Supplier E-zine: A much more detailed promotional piece, Ezines focus on a specific destination with rich content. Suppliers can feature any promotions to this destination.