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Explore Peru & Win a Stay!


Explore Peru & Win a Stay!
Explore the treasures of Peru from world-famous Machu Picchu, to the picturesque salt flats of Maras, to the mysterious floating islands of Lake Titicaca, with the experts at PromPerú and Cox & Kings.

Learn about Cox & Kings' new luxury small-group journeys, the best luxury hotel properties, how to immerse your clients in the local culture, plus tips for successfully selling Peru.

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Get 10 X More Honeymoon Clients

Bridal shows are FUN and can be extremely lucrative!

However, if you do bridal shows and you don’t have an effective follow-up system in place – you're wasting your time and money.

The fortune is in the follow-up.

Don’t believe me? Check out these stats from the National Sales Executive Association.

2% of sales are made on the first contact
3% of sales are made on the second contact
5% of sales are made on the third contact
10% of sales are made on the fourth contact
80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

Staggering right!? So when you spend a bunch of time and money doing a bridal expo, if you don’t follow-up with your leads 5-12 times, you are missing out on a HUGE amount of new clients.

I realize that setting up an effective follow-up system can be a daunting task, so how about we help you out!

We have a proven and tested bridal expo follow-up system. All you have to do is follow our simple instructions and set it up in your Email Management System.

If you got just ONE new client from this proven automated follow-up system, it would WAY more than pay for itself.

And based on the statistics, this system will get you a whole lot more than just one extra client. Plus, once this system is all set up, you can use it for every expo you do.

Let’s have some fun and run the numbers...

If you work a bridal expo and get 50 leads, and you don’t follow-up, based on the statistics you’ll get ONE new client. If you follow-up three times, you’ll get 2-3 clients, but if you follow up 5-12 times, you could get as many as 40 new clients!!

Now the reality is you probably wouldn’t know what to do with 40 new clients!! But, if you have 40 people who want to hire you, you can be very picky and only accept the people who are your DREAM clients.

Bridal Expo + An Effective Follow-Up System = New DREAM Clients

Are you getting excited?

Get this proven automated bridal show follow-up system and get started today!

Cheers to making this a lucrative year!

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Become A Travel Agent China Specialist

Become A Travel Agent China Specialist

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
12pm Pacific · 1pm Mountain · 12pm Central · 1pm Eastern

Become A Travel Agent China Specialist by joining Travel Research Online and and let us introduce you to new luxury products in China and Asia. The word of luxury (it may be cliche) has always been widely used in our industry.... Here's a definition of luxury that sounds much better according to Merriam- Webster Dictionary: a condition or situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth.

It depends on a destination, going luxury in Asia doesn't necessarily means you're going for broke to taste the high-life. Your valued clients will worship you when they enjoyed a luxurious stay without breaking the bank. In Asia, only Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and maybe Singapore can be costly for a luxurious arrangement. Other countries such as China, Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos), Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, your clients will be able to taste a condition or situation with great comfort, ease and wealth.

This webinar will be presented by Ricko Tindage, Wholesale Accounts Manager. He'll be presenting Asia. Amy Lin, Senior Travel Adviser, will be presenting our China products. has generous travel agent commission on our tour series dates at 10%. Travel agents will earn as much as 14% commission and a bonus of $100.00 Visa or M. Card Gift Card on customized tour programs.

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Learn to sell Viking

Learn More About Viking River Cruises

Viking is the world’s most recognized and best-loved
European river cruise line. Find out why.

In this webinar, learn about:
• Our destination-focused approach to European river cruising
• Why we are the Europe experts
• The distinctive features of our award-winning Viking Longships®
• The Viking Difference: how we provide The Thinking Person’s Cruise®
• Our most popular Europe itineraries
• Viking Inclusive Value

The more you know about Europe with Viking, the more your clients
will value your expertise—and come back for more.

PRESENTER: Laurie Smith
DATE: Thursday, November 29, 2018
TIME: 2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST

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Guided Travel: It Hasn’t Lost Its Appeal

Surprises can be nice, but not all surprises are good. Typically the types of surprises that are associated with travel are not the ones we appreciate most, which is why travel advisors play an important role in managing expectations for their clients.

First and foremost, this includes partnering with suppliers who can guarantee, for the most part, that unpleasant travel surprises will not occur on their clients’ journeys. And, on the chance they do occur, there is comfort in knowing that there is a reputable company that can make things right again.

Thus, the long-standing affinity for guided travel.

It’s been a staple for travel advisors for over a century, and while it was enhanced significantly during that span of time, the reasons why this type of travel remains a favorite are fundamentally the same. From peace of mind to less stress and assurances of safety, guided travel has always been an easy sell – mainly because in essence, it’s just that … easy.

Travel Market Report spoke to some travel advisors about the top five reasons their clients love guided travel and here’s what they had to say:

1) Peace of mind

Once your client is ready to embark on their guided journey, their part of the vacation planning process is over. Guided travel provides for a carefree atmosphere that involves no daily planning, reservations to be made, waiting in long lines or early-morning departures to reserve a spot or table.

For Fran Moeckler, an advisor with Beemster Travel, selling guided travel has always been virtually effortless, mainly because it meets all the requirements she has for ensuring her clients have a memorable vacation. “People like to know what’s going to happen and when, and [with guided travel], everything can be seen upfront before the actual trip. Many older or inexperienced travelers, in particular, like someone to hold their hand because it gives them a feeling of comfort and security.”
Sharon Hahn, an agent with St. Clair Travel, said the same is true of her clients, adding, “Having someone waiting on the other side is a relief for them.”

2) Details are covered

Traveling abroad can be challenging, even for the savviest of tourists, notes Hahn. Knowing your days, and all the logistics of them, have been carefully planned is worth its weight in gold. And, as more travelers seek local interactions and experiences, having each locale carefully selected and vetted is not something an independent traveler has the time or expertise to do on their own. Not only will the time spent be maximized, it will be stress-free, making travelers comfortable in even the most unfamiliar of surroundings.
“There is so much wasted time when you’re not traveling with a group, because you don’t know the highlights and how to get to them quickly,” explained Hahn. Plus, being able to let go of the details provides more time for immersive travel, the kind that fulfills your clients’ innermost reasons for taking their journey in the first place.

3) Value

Putting together independent, customized travel itineraries can be rewarding, challenging and, let’s face it, a lot of work. On the flip side, relying on a tour curator to narrow down the hotels, transportation logistics and “must-sees” in unfamiliar destinations, has multiple benefits for travel advisors and clients alike. Taking advantage of the expertise, relationships, and buying power of a company with a long-standing reputation in whatever destination your client chooses to visit has cost- and time-saving advantages, not to mention commission incentives that can’t be overlooked.

And don’t forget that guided travel is typically all-inclusive, which means your clients won’t be reaching for their wallets during dinner. Instead, they can sit back, relax and enjoy their time away.

4) VIP access

When your clients are on vacation, you want to make sure they feel spoiled. They are important to you, which means they should be treated like VIPs. Guided travel offers that. From the time your client departs home to the time they arrive in their vacation destination and return again, there is always someone (other than you) looking out for their best interests.

They will literally be escorted at every turn, and in most cases, led to the front of the line when they reach the most iconic of attractions. In addition, all of the accommodations are hand-selected, four-star hotels or better, and the cuisine fits hand-in-hand with the culture of the destination they are visiting. Tour designers and guides dedicate a great deal of time to carefully choosing the details of guided itineraries, which makes them that much more inviting.

5) It’s fun!

From the scenery and accommodations to the irreplaceable cultural experiences and epic sights to take in, the bottom line is that guided travel is enjoyable. In addition to traveling with loved ones, travelers have the opportunity to engage with other guests, forge new friendships and delight in the shared experiences together. There are so many adventures to take part in, whatever the destination, and there is also the freedom to choose which ones your clients crave most.

From witnessing the Northern Lights in Finland to gazing at the illuminated Eiffel Tower at night, there are dozens of destinations worldwide that offer iconic highlights that your clients won’t want to miss. You might also consider booking them on a guided journey that features a festival or event, which can add a whole other element of fun to the equation. Perhaps consider the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans or visiting some of the Christmas markets as they tour Europe? And what better way is there to explore them than in comfort, style and with ease — all at an affordable cost.

FROM THE SPONSOR: Collette has spent the last 100 years bringing people all over the world, and along the way we’ve learned that travel isn’t just about the places we go – it’s about why you go. There has been a unifying thread connecting every trip we have led over the last century. And that thread is the endless unique reasons that inspire each one of us to travel.
Everyone has different reasons. They can be big, like a promise to a loved one or fulfilling a lifetime goal. But they can also be small, like hearing that the blue water in Capri sure is lovely this time of year. Though the reasons might be different, they are all simply something that is missing. That’s why completing a trip is, in a sense, completing ourselves.
It’s why we travel. Click here to learn more about Collette .

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Achieve Travel Sales Success in 30 days

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
10am Pacific · 11am Mountain · 12pm Central · 1pm Eastern

If I told you that you can build a successful travel career…with little or no marketing expense, would you be interested?

You know, almost every executive and guru in the business will tell you that the only way to succeed is marketing, marketing, and more marketing. This is great advice, except for one simple fact, it’s not true. You don’t get paid to market travel, you get paid to sell it.

Unfortunately, virtually all of the travel industry specific “sales” training is really just “marketing” training in disguise. That’s because the bulk of it is created by marketing, not sales professionals - and it shows.

Frustrated, Dan Chappelle, a seasoned travel sales professional, has spent his career focused on mastering personal selling techniques. As a result, he built a successful luxury travel company, with minimal marketing expense and has taught his sales techniques to thousands of travel professionals around the world.

In this free training, Dan will share:

  • How you can achieve sales success in 30 days or less.
  • How to find qualified prospects without spending a dime on marketing.
  • Why you should learn how to “Putt for Dough.”
  • The exact sales system he used to build his luxury focused business.

To learn more, you are invited to register for this free training here.

Plus all Travel Professionals attending this webinar will receive complimentary materials to use in their social media marketing. Every webinar you attend will earn new materials during this promotion!

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Become a travel agent Mexico specialist

Mexico is one of the most megadiverse countries of the world. Although the Mexican territory represents only 1% of the earth's surface, it hosts more than 10% of the world's biological diversity. Hear from Javier Aranda of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board about Mexico's biodiversity and how the country is truly a World Of Its Own.

Learn more about Puerto Vallarta, the resort town on Mexico's Pacific coast in the state of Jalisco. While it's well-known for its long coast and beautiful beaches, there are many other treasures to discover hiding in the mountains that surround its bay.

Bonus: Attend for a chance to win a 3-night stay for two at Hotel Xcaret Mexico! See below for details.

Diving into Mexico's Biodiversity
Monday, November 12, 2018
2:00 PM ET

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How to Target Lucrative Women’s and Family Travel Markets

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
9am Pacific · 10am Mountain · 11am Central · 12pm Eastern

Join Professor Carol Dimopoulos to learn how to target the lucrative Women's and Family travel markets. Learn new ways of selling and creating your personal brand.

Our Journeys of Transformation series for women features wellness and culinary travel. Clients experience all aspects of the destinations and cultures, while enjoying options for daily learning experiences, wellness art, journaling, photography, cultural immersions, classes and “giving back” to local communities. In the same theme, Learning Journeys is proud to partner with Smithsonian Journeys for a series of family adventures. Learn about the 2019 line up as well as custom family groups.

Plus all Travel Professionals attending this webinar
will receive complimentary materials to use in their social media marketing. Every webinar you attend will earn new materials during this promotion!

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Demand for Travel Agents is Growing.
by Dan Bryan reporter / Travel Leaders Network





Seven Things Travel Agents Want Their Clients to Understand:

1 Travel agents are not extinct.
Many people are surprised to know that travel agents still exist and are, in fact, in demand. Approximately one-third of travel from the United States is booked through a travel agent and, according to the American Society of Travel Agents, this route is considerably more popular among younger travelers.

As the travel industry grows in complexity and diversity, travelers are recognizing the need for knowledgeable, up-to-date professionals to guide them through the planning process.

2 “Booking it yourself” is not as easy as it sounds.
Booking a vacation online sounds easy, but ultimately ends up costing travelers time and money they don’t anticipate. Many online booking sites are not upfront about hidden fees and regulations. Sorting out a change or booking mistake will often require travelers to spend hours on hold with a call center, finally reaching someone who really doesn’t care how their experience turns out.

Travel agents are personally invested in making sure your trip goes smoothly. They are there to assist and advocate for your clients before, during, and after their trip.

3 They have access to deals and info that you don’t.
Travel counselors work hard to establish relationships with their vendors, so their clients can enjoy the benefits. The access agents have to hotels and other travel suppliers is not something that can be bought; it develops through relationships, time, and experience.

Suppliers are much more likely to cater to the needs (and maybe toss in some fun extras) of travelers booking through agents who have long-standing relationships with their brand.

4 Flexibility can help save.
Travelers often come up with some very specific parameters about their itinerary — dates, times, airlines. An experienced travel counselor knows that departing one day earlier or later can make a difference of hundreds of dollars. They work their best travel agent magic when the customer can clearly express their travel goals but value their judgment on the specifics on how to reach those goals.

5 They are working even when on vacation.
Every time travel counselors travel, they’re scoping out hotels, restaurants, and local attractions. They ask questions, attend trade shows, and try every new experience available to make sure they can offer their best recommendations.

6 They have their clients’ best interests in mind.
Many travelers mistakenly believe that travel agents will try to steer them towards packages and vendors that will give them the largest commission.

Good travel agents want to develop long-term working relationships with their clients, designing vacations and travel experiences that always exceed expectations. If a travel agent is advising against a “cheap” option, it’s because they believe the discount is not worth the drop-in quality or may cost you more in the long-run.

7 They love what you do ... really.
Travel agents work hard and love what they do. The really good agents are in this industry because they love travel, and everything related. They’re passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge and making your travel dreams come true.


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Selling Rail Vacation Packages

Join Vacations By Rail Selling Packaged Rail Vacations & How to be Profitable Doing It webinar and learn how to easily sell rail vacations worldwide with Vacations By Rail, the leader and trusted authority on rail vacations.

Whether your clients are interested in Canada, the United States or journeys farther from home, this special Vacations By Rail webinar takes you from North America’s national parks to Canada’s top destinations and spectacular destinations across Europe and Beyond, each featuring an iconic rail adventure. From scenic heritage railway excursions and classic overnight rail experiences to luxury rail journeys, the variety of itineraries and experiences showcasing the World’s top trains are unmatched.

Learn the ins and outs of rail vacations and why it is advantageous for you to enter this untapped market. This webinar will give you the knowledge and tools to make selling rail vacations a profitable part of your business mix.

Thursday, November 6, 2018
9am Pacific · 10am Mountain · 11am Central · 12pm Eastern

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Free Travel Leads

More Free Travel Leads for AARC Agents
With Social Share...

Social Share gives our AARC Travel Agents the ability to share promotions and content on their own social media channels with a few simple clicks. We’ve already selected the images and copy for you – all you need to do is SHARE! You can access Social Share through the Promotion Search Tool within Agent Universe.


A one-stop shop for social media resources provided by our associates and suppliers! Social Studio offers the tools to help you create successful campaigns to extend your social reach and generate leads.

How do I Access to Social Media Studio?
• Go to
• Click on “Marketing” then click on “Social Media” Navigating Social Media Studio:
• Monthly Content Calendar:

We will share our Social Media Content Calendar at the beginning of each month. This will give you an overview of what’s coming so you can incorporate upcoming promotions,

• Live list of campaigns each month with vacation codes included
• Upcoming Twitter Chats and the Basics of Twitter Chats
• How to use Social Share
• Social Media tools
• Agent Toolkit: Includes social media and pre-approved copy, radio scripts, email headers & footers, flier slicks, imagery, and more
• Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Toolkit
• Destination Connection: Search asset libraries to find images, video and more
• Supplier Partner resources

For more info and social media resources, please visit the Social Studio:

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Jamaica has a Sexual Assault Problem

Last year, Jamaica was ranked the third most dangerous country for female travelers by Trip by Skyscanner, a California-based travel research company that reviews destinations worldwide. Egypt and Morocco topped the list.

All travel agents must inform any female clients of this problem before they book a female client to Jamaica.

The U.S. State Department has repeatedly warned tourists about Jamaica. This island paradise has a pervasive sexual assault problem, an estimated one American is raped each month. "Sexual assaults against American guests by hotel employees at resort hotels on the north coast have again risen," the State Department wrote in a 2018 report.

Over the last seven years, 78 U.S. citizens have been raped in Jamaica according to State Department statistics from 2011-17. The victims include: A mentally handicapped woman in her 20s; an Indiana mother gang-raped by three Cuban soccer players in a resort bathroom stall; a 20-year-old woman raped by two men in her hotel; two Detroit mothers raped at gunpoint in their room.

A teenager and her 21-year-old friend, gang-raped in a dark laundry room at a Jamaican Sandals resort, pinned to the floor by a hotel lifeguard, the teenage girl lay paralyzed with fear as the man bit her lip and raped her, violently robbing her virginity. When her mother found her after the assault, trembling and holding herself in a hallway, the 17-year-old couldn't speak. She could only point to a metal door. Behind the door, her friend was being gang-raped by three Sandals resort lifeguards.

Perhaps most alarming for tourists is that sexual assaults are occurring inside gated resorts — the place they are led to believe that they are most safe. For example, this year, the Beaches Ocho Rios Resort & Golf Club, where the lifeguard assaults occurred, was given the Travelers Choice Award by TripAdvisor; it's the travel group's highest recognition given to the top 1 percent of hotels.

According to U.S. Embassy reports, 12 Americans were raped in Jamaica last year, half of them inside resorts by hotel employees. The U.S. government suspects this number is much, much higher as sexual assaults are often underreported, and the embassy figures don't include victims from other countries.

"There's no justice in Jamaica," "The resort industry knows it. The law enforcement people know it. The rapist is set free on bail and are never called back for trial.  The U.S. State Department has questioned Jamaica's ability to do anything about the problem, noting its police force is considered "underpaid, poorly trained and understaffed."

There are no legal remedies once the victims return to the United States except for suing the travel agent for not informing the client of how dangerous Jamaica is for female clients. "Part of the responsibility of a travel agent is providing information to help clients so, they can make informed decisions about traveling abroad."

The resorts are only responsible for firing the rapist employees. 50% of the victims were attacked in resorts at the hands of its employees. Suing a resort in Jamaica is a waist of time and money.

If a U.S. citizen has been a victim of sexual assault overseas, the State Department urges them to contact the Office of Overseas Citizens Services at 1-888-407-4747 or the closest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Additionally, travel agents should encourage clients traveling overseas to enroll their travel plans in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program ( so they can receive important messages about their destinations, including alerts and updates to travel

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Become a Travel Agent Bhutan Specialist

Webinar Wednesday, October 17, 2018
12pm Pacific · 1pm Mountain · 2pm Central · 3pm Eastern

Experience the mystical magic of the ‘Happiest Country on Earth’ with Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines & Drukair Holidays.

Hidden in the Eastern Himalayas, between India and China, lies a holy land of mountains, monasteries, and magic! The last great Himalayan kingdom, where the traditional Buddhist culture is carefully preserved as it is – Bhutan! A divine land of peace and harmony. A place, where everyone is happy, satisfied and warm to travelers.

Bhutan is a truly amazing place with spectacular Himalayan scenery, colorful festivals, historic monasteries, and a population that is more concerned with Gross Domestic Happiness than Gross Domestic Product. The four main pillars of Gross National Happiness include equitable and equal socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of cultural and spiritual heritage, conservation of environment, and consistent good governance. Gross National Happiness as a development paradigm has made it possible for Bhutan to meet the needs of even its most isolated villagers, reducing the gap between the rich and the poor, while promoting sustainable growth.

Bhutan is a unique place to visit, and tourism is the government’s highest priority. Every visitor – whether alone or in a group – must make all their travel arrangements with a tour operator and also air transportation. These services are provided by the National Airline, Drukair Bhutan Royal Airlines and of course Drukair Holidays may also provide you the tour package.

Plus all Travel Professionals attending this webinar
will receive complimentary materials to use in their social media marketing. Every webinar you attend will earn new materials during this promotion!

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