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ASTA Offers Student Travel Tips

The student travel season of spring break, graduation trips and summer vacation is approaching and ASTA is providing students with advice and tips on how to make their trip a success. According to a study by the Student & Youth Travel Association of North America (SYTA), in 2005, student travel was expected to increase from 10 percent to 14 percent. Tips are available through an ASTA travel agent and ASTA's consumer website, www.travelsense.org.

ASTA recommends students and parents know the following things before traveling: Before students leave they should learn about the local laws and customs of the countries they are visiting, especially rules pertaining to drinking ages, drugs and curfews.

Students should give their parents the phone and fax numbers of the hotel, the cell phone numbers of the chaperones and a full itinerary of their trip. If anything changes during the trip, students should be sure to e-mail their parents immediately with the new information. While traveling, students should not wear flashy accessories to attract attention to themselves. It is better to wear an old, inexpensive watch and leave the nice one at home. If they bring a digital camera or an I-pod, they should not flaunt it.

Students don't want to be a walking target for thieves. When arriving at the hotel, students should grab a card from the counter with the hotel's name, address and phone number on it, and keep this card with them at all times. Be respectful when visiting churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, government buildings and military installations. For more information, visit www.travelsense.org/tips/studenttravel.asp or www.syta.org.

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Travel Agent School offers learn at home travel agent course

So you want to become a travel agent. You are about to discover how you can start a rewarding career as a Home Travel Agent. In as little as one week you can complete our at home travel agent training course. We have made sure your learning experience is easy and convenient. We guide you every step of the way.

The More You Learn - The More You Earn. You start by reading the E-book we email you. Then study the Nationally recognized VCR training films of CLIA that are delivered to your door. We also have a travel agent only web site that has additional free training. There are no test or exams to take. Those who don't take the time to learn, just won't earn.

You can Start Earning Commission $$$ Today. The travel industry is experiencing outstanding growth, including Cruises, All Inclusive Resorts, Honeymoons, Tours and vacation Packages. You can take advantage of this outstanding growth and start earning big commissions and travel benefits by becoming a FT or PT travel agent today.

Travel organizations predict a 500% increase in travel between now and the year 2020. You can profit from this remarkable growth by becoming a home based travel agent now. The time to become involved in the Travel Industry has never been better!

So what are you waiting for go to www.homebasedtravelagents.org and become a travel agent today.

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London Discount Card

Do you have clients who are going to London??
Your clients will hundreds of dollars by perching this card before they go to London (save web site) http://www.londonpass.com/

I buy the card when I go, I also give them to my clients as gifts. You should see there eyes light up when I tell them how much money they are going save. You can also send them to this site to get information on where to eat in London.

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The Value of Business Cards

Almost all of us take our business cards for granted. We all have them and we all use them. But most of us -- do not use them as effectively as we should!

Business cards are one of the least expensive forms of advertising and promotion that we have. Travel Agents should give them out anywhere and everywhere. If you are not using a box of cards every few months, they are not using them enough.

It may be a bit far fetched, but we have atravel agents who give business cards to everyone in the supermarket check-out line and even carry laminated cards to give away when swimming.
travel Agents should carry cards at all times. You should give them to anyone you meet who asks or comments about travel in the supermarket, at the hairdresser or anywhere. Many local businesses have bulletin boards or tables displaying business cards of local businesses. Display your cards wherever you can. Ask store owners you know if you can leave some by the check out counter.

One travel agent made a deal with Dominos pizza to give $10. Gift certificates and her business card towards travel package or cruise with all pizza deliveries for one month. The gift certificate had Dominos name it. So it look like it was a thank you for shopping from Dominos. But it could only be cashed if the client book a cruise with the agent. You could do that with any store. The $10 or $20. gift certificate thank card from that store cost them nothing. It's a win, win program.

Business cards form the base of an active referral request system. Travel Agents should send thank you notes to all cruise and tour clients. They should ask clients to recommend the travel agents' services to their friends and relatives. Three business cards should be enclosed in each note with a reminder to the client to give them to friends who travel.

While we can't expect all cards to be given out, many will. It is a proven fact that it costs far less to secure repeat and referral business than to attract totally new clients. Clients referred by other satisfied clients will come with built-in trust concerning your ability to meet their needs.

The more business cards are distributed, the more there are opportunities to attract potential clients and expand our client base. Think of it as casting bread upon the water. The more you give out the you get back.

Travel Agents wanted FT or PT www.HomeBased-TravelAgents.com

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Florida Anheuser-Busch Parks Set New Offerings

Florida's Anheuser-Busch adventure parks SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay are offering unlimited admission and flexibility for the cost of a single-day ticket. For guests visiting Florida in 2006, both parks are introducing respective "anytime" offers for vacationers to "come and go" as they please during their vacation with the purchase of any one-day ticket (up to seven consecutive days).

Guests simply exchange any one-day admission for a personalized pass that allows them unlimited visits during their vacation to that same park (up to six additional days). SeaWorld will unveil three new "kid-friendly" additions to Shamu's Happy Harbor: a family-friendly roller coaster called the "Shamu Express," a jellyfish-themed samba tower ride, and a beach bucket-themed tea cup ride.

In February, the 4-D comedy "Pirates 4-D" launched in Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The Caribbean caper stars Leslie Nielsen and Monty Python's Eric Idle, who also wrote the 15-minute film. It combines the latest 4-D special-effects technology with multi-sensory theater effects to thrill guests of all ages. Busch Gardens' 750-seat Timbuktu Theater features four digital projectors that run simultaneously, and guests wear 3-D glasses to view the visual effects that allow the film action to vault off the screen. Surround-sound speakers built into the seats and special effects, including wind and sprays of water, further immerse the audience in this treasure-hunt adventure.

Busch Gardens' Sunset on the Serengeti begins in the Crown Colony's Brew Master's Club, where guests can sample Anheuser-Busch lagers. Then, the journey continues on the park's 65-acre Serengeti Plain, where participants will hand-feed giraffes and encounter other African wildlife. This one-hour tour is offered daily for $39.99 per person, plus tax, for ages 21 and older. The 45-minute Family Adventure Tour features a behind-the-scenes look at the Nairobi Field Station. The tour is open to all ages for $33.99 per person, plus tax. For more information, visit www.seaworld.com or www.buschgardens.com.

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Disney World Offers Package with Ticket Upgrades

For a limited time only, clients traveling to Walt Disney World Resort can take advantage of the affordable Magic Your Way Package with free ticket upgrades. With this package, a family of four (two adults, one child and one junior) can enjoy a six-night Walt Disney World vacation most nights from April 23 to June 3, including accommodations at a select Disney Value Resort hotel with tickets to all four theme parks for $1,500, a savings of over $300.

The free ticket upgrades include: the Park Hopper option and a total of six visits to either a Disney Water Park or DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park or Pleasure Island nightclubs. The package entitles clients to benefits such as Disney's Magical Express Service, Disney transportation, and even opportunities to add theme park and water park time to their vacations with the Extra Magic Hours benefit.

Each day one of the theme parks opens an hour early or stays open up to three hours extra after regular park hours so clients can enjoy select attractions. With free ticket upgrades, your clients will enjoy Extra Magic Hours in a water park as well. Every morning, both Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon will open to Disney Resort guests one hour before the normal opening time.

The number of rooms allocated for this offer is limited. Tickets and options must be used within 14 days of first use. Ask for package code YVG. The offer must be booked by March 31. For more information, call 800-327-2992 or visit http://www.disneytravelagents.com
To become a home based travel agent go to www.HomeBased-TravelAgents.com

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Five Tour Operators Debut Trusted Adventures Website

The new "Trusted Adventures" alliance
offers an interactive site with trip search capabilities provides one-stop access to 220 trips to over 70 worldwide destinations. The five founding members of Trusted Adventures include; Austin-Lehman Adventures, Wildland Adventures, Euro-Bike & Walking Tours, Western River Expeditions, and AAVE Teen Adventures.

Each company, a pioneer in its respective field, has over 20 years of experience in offering client-service-oriented programs. Said Dan Austin, director of Austin-Lehman Adventures: "By joining forces we can all, in good conscience, send our veteran travelers to parts of the world that individually we don¹t cover with our own programs."

For example, a family that traveled with Austin-Lehman Adventures may have a teenager who wants to travel with other teens. AAVE Teen Adventures, an alliance member, can accommodate this ALA "alum" with a group of like-minded adventurers on, among others, an African safari.

Visitors to the website will find detailed information on each member company, a featured trip section that highlights seasonal offerings, client testimonials, travel industry awards, a photo gallery, and a page with special offers and consumer discounts.

One such special is the Trusted Adventures Reward Program. As an incentive to travel within the network of alliance companies, the consortium offers a 5 percent discount off any trip if the client has previously traveled with any of the other Trusted Adventures companies. For more information on Trusted Adventures, visit www.trustedadventures.com.

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Bavaria offers Travel Taining to Home Travel Agents

Bavaria is excited to introduce our new training program!
Over the past 4 years the Bavarian Ambassador Program has been one of the leading continuing educational programs. It is the most comprehensive educational program for travel agents seeking pertinent and timely information regarding Bavaria. .

Our NEW and IMPROVED program includes:- Expanded Destination Coverage - Special Interest Tour Features - New Package Information - Updated Benefits Learn why Bavaria is Germany’s top destination for visitors: State-of-the-art Munich Airport, fairytale castles, medieval cities, spectacular landscapes and so much more.

Once you complete the course, and gain your Bavarian Ambassador specialist status, you will be eligible for a host of benefits that, together with this education, will guarantee you increased sales.

1. Just go to http://www.bavarianambassador.com/ to get started.
2. Go through the lessons at your own pace. Then take the exam.
3. Once you pass, you will be able to print out a certificate designating you as a Bavarian Ambassador and have all the tools you need to increase sales. That's it!

To become a home based travel agent go to www.homebased-travelagents.com

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Another Reason to Trust Your Travel Profeesional

Here' a summary of an interesting piece in today's New York Times by travel writer, Christopher Elliott. He exposes something that we have known for months. That is, most of the popular Web sites featuring consumer reviews of travel service providers contain biased reviews that are bought and paid for. These sites include TripAdvisor.com, Citysearch.com and IgoUgo.com, where you are lead to believe that you'll find thousands of ratings written by real guests, or so you are lead to believe.

One frequent business traveler became increasingly skeptical of what she saw online. "I read reviews of hotels that I've stayed at," she said. "And they're just wrong. I wonder if they've really stayed at the hotel."

On a recent visit to a spa in New York, she says, her doubts turned to disbelief: the resort was discreetly offering a free reflexology treatment to customers who posted a positive review of the establishment on Citysearch.com. "It was very troubling," she said.

The travel suppliers justify their actions, by claiming that out-of-context complaints by disgruntled guests need to be countered by fabricated positive comments.
So disgruntled guests and defensive travel service providers are exploiting a Web service that lacks the safeguards of the traditional travel guidebooks and a travel professional's first-hand experience.

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2006 Cruises Nearly 50% Sold Out

The following post is excerpted from Joel Abel's editorial which will appear in next Monday's addition of "Travel Trade". Joel is the editor and publisher of "Travel Trade" which has the largest circulation and is the most widely read travel industry trade publication.] Joel writes, "Home based travel agents ask me whether I think the cruise industry is going crazy with its extraordinary new building plans.

On the surface it does make you wonder when you see and hear about all of the 3,000+ passenger ship plans now in the works, and then along comes the 6, 000 passenger Royal Caribbean shipthe biggest colossus of them all. And, I am waiting to hear the latest word from Carnivals chairman & CEO, Micky Arison, after he digests all of the latest news. I'll bet he will have a couple of colossal sized surprises to announce.

One thing you can be sure of is that the cruise industry very definitely hasn't gone berserk. What most people in the industry don't realize is that well over 50 percent of the cruise industry?s entire 2006 total cruise capacity is already sold out and we are only 6 weeks into the new year. You can bet your last bottle cap that cruise space to everywhere will be very hard to obtain this summer and that Europe and Alaska cruises will be sold out the very earliest they have ever been."

Are you considering a cruise this year? If so, we should schedule time to review your desires and match you up with a cruise experience that will provide a life-time of memories at the very best price. It's easy to contact me, just click on the e-mail link to the right and send me a message suggesting a good time to talk. We obviously want to get started while good staterooms are available at the best prices.

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Becoming an Official Cancún Travel Counselor

Home based travel agents embark on an incredible educational experience. The Cancún Tourism Institute (CTI) is a complete study and loyalty program. By the time you graduate from the Institute, you will be in the perfect position to increase earnings for both you and your agency by selling Cancún to an even broader range of clients.

The Cancún Tourism Institute (CTI) is a multifaceted, three-part educational program established by the Cancún Visitors and Convention Bureau. CTI was created on the belief that knowledgeable and motivated “Official Cancún Counselors” are the most effective sales ambassadors for its destination.

The CTI program demonstrates how Cancún is much more than a “beach vacation” – it is a complete vacation experience. The program provides everything you need to know to create a complete, well-planned trip for your clients, whatever their needs or interests. And most importantly, it will be your gateway to boosting your agency’s profits as you sell MORE Cancun to MORE clients.

Become a Home based travel agent at www.homebased-travelagents.com

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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

When we fail to do something we are expected to do, we almost always have an excuse for it. That's just a bad habit. But we have a choice to change that for good. If we analyze it closely -- an excuse is a self-destructive alibi for having failed to do something, especially when it involves attaining a goal.

Instead of trying to find ways to continue achieving a goal, some of us resort to excuses. But you should not use excuses for not becoming successful! That's self-destructive.

If you are emotionally disturbed with negative thoughts, it is like you are sitting on a chair with wobbling legs. Try sitting on a chair with sturdy legs; meaning, look at the bright, positive side of life. Put aside negativity and start thinking positively. The only one who can stop you is yourself.
If you always have a lot of excuses, you should strive more to overcome them because you'll be able to double the achievement. Where the odds are greater, the prize gets much bigger. After all the efforts you have exerted, the prize of success shall be a well-deserved one. Make sure you have full control of your life. You should have no problem managing the things you can control.

Don’t let 'excuses' control your decisions. Accept things you cannot control the way they are. If you can do without them, leave them and divert your attention to something else that will make your life more meaningful. Never pick on something you cannot control and turn it into 'excuses' that will block your success. So what's your excuse for not being successful? Answer from today onwards: NONE.

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