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Our FREE Travel Agent training course will give you a fast track on what to do and how to do it. You can either try to re-invent the wheel by trial and error or let AARC Home based travel agent training teach you the fast and easy way.

Below are just some of the areas we can help you with:

  1. Step by step instructions on how to book:
    Airlines, Hotels, Cars, Tours, Vacation Packages & Cruises.
  2. Learn how to find clients.
  3. Destination, special interest and niche markets training.
  4. Learn how to find and sell to groups to make really big bucks
  5. Learn how to sell to the family market, the mature market, the upscale client and more…
  6. How to do Fundraising for Charity Groups.
  7. How to close the sale.
  8. How to follow up on sales to get repeat sales, year after year.
  9. Marketing ideas and techniques.
  10. FREE access to Supplier Travel Agent Training Webinars.

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About… Starting Your Own Home-Based Online Travel Agency.

A new home based travel business venture can be a scary and exciting prospect. It is exciting because the financial possibilities are endless, but it is scary because going into the unknown can be a risk.

Our free online travel agent school takes the risk out of entrepreneurship. We not only educate you, on how to build a successful home based travel business, we are also there with you every step of the way, for as long you need us.

Our travel agent schools reputation speaks for itself. We have received distinction with a two page feature story in “Travel Trade Magazine.” and was selected as one of the best Host Travel Agencies in the USA.

The More YOU Know – The More YOU Earn.

Those who don’t invest time in our travel agent school with there own free travel agent education usually do not succeed. Our Free Travel Agent School will give you a fast track on what to do and how to do it. You can either try to re-invent the wheel by trial and error or let the Travel Agent School teach you the fast and easy way.

Travel Agent Training…

Whether it’s, Webinars, Blogs, Annual Conference, Seminars at sea, Cruise Fest or Training on Demand our Travel Agent School has it all.

Free Additional Training…

Agent Universe also has a comprehensive source of information and resources designed to help our students initiate and close sales. It’s very easy to use and it allows members to search, plan and book cruises and vacation packages. It also includes exclusive deals, as well as opportunities for additional training to continue their education in becoming a travel agent.

In addition, this software provides important company news and community chat sessions so students are up-to-date with the latest travel information. They can also participate and share their ideas within the community. Having access to Agent Universe provides our members with a strong edge over the competition by helping them work more quickly and close more sales, all with the use of a desktop computer or a laptop. Best yet, this product is provided free of charge to our members.

Aside from teaching you how to become a travel agent, we also provide tips on how to effectively market your home-based travel agency in social media sites. With the popularity of social media networks, what better way to promote your business than with social media? Use Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Twitter to gather more leads for your home-based travel agency.

About our Travel Agent School.

Combine our awards with the fact that we have been running successful online FREE travel agent schools since 1991, and it’s not difficult to see why we are one of the most respected institutes in the industry. With hundreds of affiliates all over the USA, our tried and true teaching methods are topped only by our outstanding continuing support.

Our travel agent school understands that different people learn different ways. That is why we do not try to stuff our members into one educational paradigm. Instead, we employ a combination of video and electronic resources to explain all the required information in a comprehensive and easy to understand way. We also encourage our students to learn at their own pace, although most complete the program within one week.

By joining our online travel agent school our students receive the instructional information they need to start their own online home based travel agency. This information teaches all the necessary money making ideas and strategies to build a successful business. The information explains the concepts behind successful cruise selling, group sales, escorted group vacations, honeymoons, and more. Yet, our online travel agent school does not simply focus on how to make sales; we also train our students how to run a business.

We teach the concepts of professional sales techniques, Internet marketing, and market niche development. This, combined with our ongoing support, ensures that our students run successful businesses for years to come. We are confident that our courses are the best in the industry and that everyone with the desire can establish a successful travel business with our help.

Whether it’s webinars, mentors, blogs, annual conferences, seminars at sea, cruise fest or on-line supplier training classes, we make it all available to our agents. You get the newest and latest training programs. Our training is ongoing for as long as you are a travel agent with AARC Host Agency.

It Only Takes One Idea To Earn Thousands of Dollars in Travel Commissions.

Our Travel Agent Training Course is full of MONEY MAKING IDEAS and INSIDER SECRETS from Successful Travel Agents.

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  2. How we keep Your Customers happy with our Free monthly marketing sales specials.
  3. See better results from your email by following these suggestions.
  4. Ways to Convert More Online Sales
  5. See better results from your travel website with this strategy.
  6. Attract more visitors by creating valuable content based on your expertise.
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